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The Kids of Promise enter into the exciting KIDZONE at Promise of Life Church where they will leave refreshed and equipped to do all that God has planned for them to do! Our teachers desire to see this next generation grow up in the knowledge of God, learn who they are in Christ, and receive the power of the Holy Spirit. Kids are taught Bible lessons that are personalized for their age group, play games, and learn how to pray and worship God.


Children are welcomed Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings where they are shown the love of God and reminded that His plan for them is good!


In September 2015, Pastor Jennifer Field prophesied over the children at Promise of Life. Read what God said about our kids below:

"...I'm planning a great movement and for the children, it's the Kids Zone. Every child that enters is going to receive The Blessing, is going to receive the promptings of the Spirit, the teachers are going to know what to do for each child and each child is going to grow up in the revelation.'s the Kids Zone, it's where I'm pouring out My Spirit. I will NOT overlook them. I will pour out My Spirit in power!"

Nursery             (Birth – 1 year old)
Tiny Treasures      (2 – 3 years old)
Fearless Finders    (4 – 6 years old)
Heirs of Promise   (7 – 10 years old)


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