Welcome to Promise of Life church! This message is from Pastor Craig Field to our congregation members and visitors, so please read carefully. 

Despite the international concerns regarding the coronavirus, we will CONTINUE having services as usual on Sunday mornings at 10 AM and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM. 

We are aware that in some places in the United States, as well as the province of Quebec, regulations have been issued to ban gatherings of over 250 people, including church services, but the province of Ontario at this time has not instituted any such measures. 

Therefore we will continue meeting for regular services on Sundays at 10 AM and Wednesdays at 7:30 PM. 

Please do NOT listen to the rumor mill or to the hysteria in the news and make decisions based on that. If there are any changes to our church services, Pastor Craig will directly communicate to the congregation through ALL of the  following 3 mediums: 

1. Constant contact emails
2. The first page of our website
3. Voice recordings on the church phone line. 

Please ONLY make changes to your church attendance if Pastor Craig directly advises via these mediums. All 3 will be updated if any changes are made to our church services. 

At this time we continue meeting as normal and we do have a back up plan in case the province of Ontario directs us otherwise, but we will advise of that only if it becomes necessary. 

We continue to move forward using wisdom and being led by the Holy Spirit, while standing our ground in our dominion in Christ Jesus. Pastor Craig looks forward to seeing you all at our next regularly scheduled service and we encourage you to use this opportunity to invite somebody to church that is sick or that is afraid, so that they can experience first hand the freedom and healing power that Jesus offers!  

See you all soon! 

© 2020 Promise Of Life Church