Dear Promise of Life Church,

This is the SECOND message that I’m sending you regarding the coronavirus situation.

The Lord dealt with me this morning when I woke up that while most of our congregation are strong in faith and know how to believe God for protection, there’s always some people that perhaps have not built their faith for protection, plus of course there’s visitors that come and we don’t know what kind of faith they have - So there’s always going to be people that are afraid and that may question my wisdom and judgement in allowing someone to come to church who is displaying symptoms of sickness.

I can understand that if someone with symptoms sat beside you, some individuals could feel uneasy that they may catch the virus and then turn around and accuse me that I didn’t protect the congregation sufficiently.... However our mandate from the Bible is that we are to, “Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” Mark 16:18.

So how do we balance these two requirements? Protecting the congregation from those who are sick… while still ministering healing to those that need it? 

The Lord prompted me to handle it this way:

If anyone has cold or flu symptoms (whether you have been diagnosed with coronavirus or not), we are asking you to email or call either Lorraine Morris or Rev. Taylor Morris BEFORE coming to church. Advise them which of the 2 choices below you are going to select:

1. If you have symptoms you can still come to church, but we will sit you in a special place at the back of the sanctuary isolated and away from other people. During the service Pastor Craig will come personally to you and lay hands on you and transmit healing power into your body.  Furthermore at the end of the service, we will dismiss you a little earlier than the rest of the congregation so that you can leave the building before everybody else. This will serve to both isolate the ones that have symptoms so they are not putting others at risk, while still fulfilling our Biblical mandate to minister healing to the sick.

2. If you have symptoms and would prefer NOT to come to church, Pastor Craig is willing to come to your home and minister healing to you there.

We don’t want to appear reckless or uncaring in allowing people with symptoms to sit amongst the rest of the congregation because while this would not bother those that have built their faith in this area, it would understandably bother others, especially visitors who may not have faith for protection.   But at the same time we must fulfil our mandate as the local church to minister to those that are sick and see them healed.

Therefore, I am giving the above 2 choices to those with symptoms. You MUST contact Rev. Taylor or Lorraine BEFORE coming to church... or if you choose not to come, please still contact them if you’d like Pastor Craig to visit you in your home.

Again, this ONLY applies to those with symptoms. If you do NOT have symptoms, (which is 99% of our congregation), everything stays the same and we continue our services as normal and you can sit anywhere you want in the sanctuary.

Lorraine Morris:
(647) 237-4083

Rev. Taylor Morris
(416) 909-6857

In the midst of this worldwide panic, let us stay strong and stable in our confidence in the Word and in the precious Blood of Jesus which is a line of defence against all plague and all destruction!  Exodus 12:13,23.  Psalms 91:6-7,9-11

See you tomorrow!!!

P. Craig

© 2020 Promise Of Life Church